NiBS in association with The Dais is hosting NIBSMUN’23 which will be held on 5th and 6th October 2023. The NIBSMUN’23 is a simulation of the proceedings of the United Nations wherein students from schools across NCR assume the role of diplomats, ambassadors, and representatives to discuss contemporary issues of global importance. During this 2-day event students will participate in various committees along with an International Press Corps. The wide range topics under discussion will include transition towards a nuclear weapons-free world, promoting women leadership in conflict prevention, uniform civil code, situation at the arctic and the global energy crisis. The NiBS philosophy that we all are fundamentally interconnected, and part of a greater unified whole resonates with the idea behind NIBSMUN’23 as it seeks to bring together students to discuss and come up with solutions to contemporary global challenges. It aims to give a platform for students to develop their critical thinking, research, and public-speaking skills, broaden their perspectives, become skilled at diplomatic discussions, foster teamwork, and cultivate problem-solving abilities.