because we CARE

At NiBS we believe that preparing children to fit into sought after but pre-defined paradigms of leadership or achievement is much too limiting for their potential.

The entire thrust of a NiBS education then is to offer all our children the creative freedom to speak a distinctive VOICE of Ownership, Integrity, Collaboration and Excellence and thereby shape the world in their own, unique way. To be the change they wish to see around them.

The following are pioneering projects that have enabled us to engage with the challenges of life and be the Aham-Sah change we want to bring about.

Building Blocks for a new imagiNATION- Why play matters?
The 2023-24 year’s theme saw our children making learning all play.

Down To Earth: Grounding Matters
This theme roots for reconnecting with nature and the world around us, helping us understand that everything we do matters.

SMILE – Together We Can
A holistic well-being initiative bringing together communities in spirit and heart, inspite of being geographically apart

A Breath Of Fresh Air
Through these action-oriented projects, our children and our community worked to reclaim our fundamental right to clean air

SEWA Project With Digantar
This NiBS SEWA programme is a collaborative partnership with Digantar Vidyalaya which provides quality education to rural children in Rajasthan