What are the criteria for the selection of educators?

At the Nirmal Bhartia School, we value candidates who have a sound understanding of our vision, mission and approach and express faith and belief in the same. In other words, our doors are always open for collaborative team players and life-long learners who love and respect children and are motivated to continuously strive towards the highest standards of excellence. It is equally important that candidates display high levels of stability, commitment and a sound work ethic either by means of their past experience record, references or in other ways. Subject expertise, depth of content knowledge and excellent communication skills are necessary criteria for us too.

What is the duration of probation?

The period of probation is generally one year, but can be extended by a maximum of another one year based on performance.

What are the working hours for teachers?

The working hours for teachers are 7:45 am – 2:30 pm on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays; 7:45 am – 4:00 pm on Wednesdays and Fridays. Two Saturdays in a month are working.

Are teachers paid regular grades?

Teachers are paid salaries in accordance with the Seventh Pay Commission and salary is commensurate with qualification, and the nature, extent and quality of prior experience.

Is there an appraisal system at NiBS?

The appraisal system at NiBS is formative, self-directed and goal oriented in nature. Staff members are encouraged to reflect on and review their own performance on the basis of detailed rubrics, before discussing these with their Team Heads and Principal. They are also encouraged to set specific goals for themselves and work towards achieving these in a time-bound manner.

The purpose of the review is to provide detailed, 360 degree feedback to an educator about each of his/her roles and responsibilities so that timely measures to improve accountability and performance may be taken. Feedback from the Review is used to plan personalised training and structure a tailored growth path for each member.

What opportunities are available for staff development?

At NiBS, we strongly believe in life-long learning and hence, all staff members are given varied opportunities to attend workshops, seminars and discussion forums that may enable them to grow both professionally and personally. ‘Be the Best You Can Be’ is the focus of the continuous professional development programme at NiBS.

Intensive professional development and team bonding sessions are held on a weekly and quarterly basis. A comprehensive Teacher Orientation Programme is conducted for all new staff members to share with them the nuances of our vision, philosophy and culture and to introduce them to our learning pathways. An annual schedule of workshops, specialised in-person and online courses and study visits to schools of excellence across the country ensures that team members always remain abreast of the latest advances in teaching methodology.

Besides teaching, how else can a teacher contribute?

At NiBS we believe that teachers are not just domain experts and masters of pedagogy, they are also unique individuals – passionate powerhouses of known and unknown talents pursuing varied and diverse interests and hobbies. Pursue your Passion and Exploring New Horizons are both initiatives that help us foster an ever-inspired, motivated and energised life-long learning culture by offering each member a welcoming platform to discover, develop and share their YOUnique talents, interests and hobbies.

Sharing lies at the heart of Pursue Your Passion, and team members are encouraged to choose a personal passion, one that perhaps their colleagues are unlikely to know about and share their love for it with them. They are also encouraged to champion the same by leading learning in the area of their passion or designing a new school initiative related to it. For example, a staff member with a passion for music may choose to select and record some soothing music that could be played during circle time or assembly. A love for stargazing could be the beginning of an astronomy club!

Exploring New Horizons on the other hand is an initiative designed to encourage staff members to discover and develop new passions and interests in the areas of culture, arts, politics, spirituality, science, current affairs…..life! As part of the initiative, the entire team comes together to participate in photography and cooking workshops, go on heritage walks, visit art museums, watch award-winning performances and more. Animated discussions and sharing follow these sessions as we debate ideas and ways to bring back our learning to our students.

How are teachers rewarded for their performance?

While the annual appraisal system ensures development, growth and other rewards for teachers, our ‘Pragati Awards’ seek to recognise, celebrate and honour our team’s quest for excellence.

While individual teachers are selected for the Awards, in the Aham-Sah way we recognise and acknowledge that in addition to individual initiative and effort, it is the support and encouragement of the entire team that has enabled the selected member to do his or her best.
The Pragati Awards then are a special occasion for the entire community to come together and applaud the success of our collective VOICE, delight in the achievement of our selected members, and commit ourselves once again to striving for even greater horizons. For the award-winners, it is an occasion to express gratitude to each team member and thank them for their role, presence and support.

In addition to the ‘Long Service’ and ‘Always Present’ Awards which honour the values of loyalty, integrity and a sound work ethic, team members are selected for showing exemplary ‘Creativity in Teaching’, going the ‘Extra Mile’ beyond the call of duty, demonstrating the ‘Together We Can’ spirit by collaborating and working together as an exemplary team and showing initiative by exploring ‘New Horizons’ for teaching and learning.