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NiBS Is Once Again A Great Place To Work!

We are delighted to share that the global authority on workplace culture, the Great Place to Work organization, has once again certified our School as a 'Great Place to Work' . The Great Place to Work certification demonstrates the School's unwavering commitment to creating a high-trust, inclusive, and dignified workplace. It's the sheer power of our community and its dedication to upholding our most cherished values of VOICE that is making our School a truly great place. Congratulations to our community for this marvellous feat!

A Trip to Kohima: Exchange of Ideas and Memories

 We are happy to share that a group of our senior school students and teachers took off on a 5-day trip to Kohima, Nagaland on 29th May 2024, as part of an exchange programme initiated together with the Assam Rifles. As part of the exchange programme, our students will visit several schools in Shillong and tour key heritage sites. They are scheduled to return on 2nd June 2024. We wish the students and teachers a successful trip with plenty of enriching experiences, bonding, and learning!

Art of Learning: Teaching Through Arts and Play

Our Junior School teachers attended a workshop conducted by SPHERE Art Education, where they explored in depth the art of creating immersive, experiential learning environments for students by integrating art and theatre into daily lessons. The teachers learned how sketching, portrait art, dancing, movement, character building and storytelling, voice modulation, etc., can be effectively used to create engagement, observation skills, empathy, understanding, and creativity in children. Aham-Sah learning environments are created when children learn holistically, and this workshop helped the teachers go the extra mile, often dancing.

An Exchange of Trust: Best Practice Sharing

NiBS conducted a three-day workshop for our teacher 'atithis' from the North Eastern states as part of an initiative by the Assam Rifles to exchange best practices in education. The workshop saw a spirited exchange of ideas, tactics, and tools to sculpt the future of our children holistically. Over the years, this exchange has resulted in building deeper bonds of understanding and trust between our schools and has itself become a best practice for opening our minds and turning them into crucibles of transformation. Click here for more: https://www.instagram.com/p/C7VUH1tg-up/