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Together We Can Forges Ahead with NiBS Alumni Association

The inaugural meeting of the NiBS Alumni, Nirmal Uday, was held on Friday, 1st December 2023 at the School premises. The event saw enthusiastic alumni reminiscing their school days and sharing their current journeys with their peers and teachers. The occasion also marked the launch of the NiBS Alumni Association which will ensure that the NiBS family remains connected and harnesses the power of Together We Can. In addition to spreading individual and collective stories of exploration and adventure and being a guiding light of inspiration for the yet to graduate students, the association will also help members collaborate over common interests and endeavours, share talents, and access events and resources as they continue their quest for life-long learning, serving and change-making.

Celebrating Roller Skating Excellence

We are elated to share the remarkable achievement of Siona Singh of Class II, who showcased exceptional talent and determination in the CBSE National Skating Event held from 24th to 27th November 2023. Siona secured a bronze medal in the 300-meter race, under-8 Girls Category, where over 1200 students from 14 states actively participated. We are proud of you Siona! We wish you many more such laurels in future!  

Admissions Open for Nursery

Rooted in the Advait (non-dualistic), Aham-Sah philosophy of universal oneness or 'I am That', the founding vision of NIBS seeks to fulfill the educational dreams of children in a nurturing and holistic learning environment, becoming change-makers as part of a collaborative life-long learning community that inspires them to be the change they want to see in the world. To apply for Ankur (Nursery) Admissions, copy and paste the link: https://bit.ly/admissions_nibs To book a school tour to know more about how our 'Aham-Sah' way is incorporated in the School curriculum, copy and paste the link to access:- https://bit.ly/planavisitnibs.  

IDEAS for a Change Making Career!

The IDEAS Convention, a unique change-making career potential guidance initiative is scheduled from Thursday, 30th November to Saturday, 2nd December, 2023 from 9:00 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.  The IDEAS Convention is an annual three-day career exposure and counselling convention hosted with the intent of helping our Senior students achieve their potential and become future ready. The convention includes talks by keynote speakers and experts from different industries. Join us to gain a fresh perspective on the career choices available and the most effective ways of pursuing them.