A beautiful mind, body and soul
make a life rich, diverse and whole

For us at NiBS, a meaningful and true education requires the development not just of the mind in isolation but also that of the body and soul. It is only by achieving a genuine balance between all that we may hope to educate the ‘whole’ child and truly enable him or her to be the best that he or she may be.

Thus our learning programme strives to complement disciplinary enquiry with a lively, varied and active co-curricular programme in the Visual Arts, Clay and Pottery, Indian Music and Dance, Western Music, Sports and Physical Education and Information Technology. An innovative Library Programme and a wide variety of Clubs further encourage children to pursue their passions in areas as diverse as theatre, cooking, print and media, chess and robotics.

While children in the lower grades are exposed to the entire breadth and range of the programme, Middle and Senior students make specialised choices based on their areas of interest and talent. We attempt to support student enthusiasm for and interest in the co-curricular fields by planning a vibrant and active schedule of assemblies, all school, inter-school and inter-house events.

A further cross pollination of learning between the curricular and co-curricular fields takes place as teachers continually collaborate to explore rich inter-disciplinary connections while working on Deeper Learning Projects and the Annual SEWA and Shiksha themes.