KRIYA the well-being hub

The Kriya programme at NiBS aims at encouraging a life-long culture of fitness. In accordance with our holistic vision of education, we believe that a focus on developing a healthy body and an active lifestyle rooted in a love for play, adventure and the outdoors is essential in order to develop a healthy mind.

As part of the Hub, we offer a programme that integrates yoga, gymnastics and swimming with organised games such as futsal, basketball, badminton and table tennis. Children are also exposed to a range of traditional games such as kho-kho and kabaddi. Hobby clubs for chess and the martial arts and adventure activities such as rappelling and rock climbing on class trips, further complement the core areas of focus.

Our purposes and intentions

The primary objective of our programme is to encourage active participation by all, the values of fair play, grit, persistence and the pursuit of excellence.

While every child is encouraged to do his/her best, we are careful to avoid imposing any undue competitive, performance pressure. Collaboration, cooperation and team work are each highly valued and the field is seen as a safe, developmental arena for children to experience, express and manage the varied emotions of loss, defeat and goal achievement.

A gradual progression

At the Elementary level, natural play and a free exploration of the environment are encouraged to aid sensorial development, gross and fine motor skills, balance, flexibility and coordination. Children from grade 3 upwards choose one among the following options to specialise in – futsal, basketball, table tennis and gymnastics.

The annual calendar

A planned schedule of weekly, monthly and annual inter-house, inter-school and zonal challenges ensures that our sports calendar remains lively and action-packed throughout the year.

Form mornings of energetic drills and fun obstacle or other innovative races and relays are organised for children in grades Ankur to 2. Strictly non-competitive in nature, the purpose of these is simply to seed in our children the sheer joy of participation, an understanding of instructions and rules and the spirit of never giving up. Every child is given a medal since for us, there are no losers, only winners!

From grade 3 upwards, children in each of the four houses compete with each other in healthy but hard fought ways to win the coveted inter-house trophy. While matches and challenges between them are organised throughout the year, the competition finally culminates in the grand Kriya Games held in the last quarter. Planned with a formal opening ceremony and closing ceremony and an oath of fair play, the Games are designed to help children inculcate the discipline, team spirit and passion for excellence that professional sport demands.

CommUNITY Cup – An Inter-school TEAM Challenge

The CommUNITY Cup is a multi-sport inter-school challenge organised for children in grades 3-5. In accordance with our founding belief, ‘When You work together in Unity, You get the power of CommUNITY’, the change-making nature of the challenge lies in its special structuring of rules and incentives to help children appreciate the true meaning of being a TEAM – Together Everyone Achieves More!

In addition to matches in familiar games such as football, basketball, table tennis and challenges in gymnastics, a unique feature of the Cup is the ‘surprise challenge’. This is a game or challenge with unique, innovative rules revealed to the participating teams just before the competition begins. Succeeding in the challenge inevitably requires the participants to muster their very best collaborative skills and work together as a TEAM