TEACHING AT NiBS the VOICE of promise

They show Ownership by ensuring that their conduct and actions are always powerful exemplars of our vision and culture. They respect school norms, participate actively in all school initiatives and recognise that they are accountable to the entire school community – the leadership team, their colleagues, parents and students, for their actions. They are caring and committed mentors and guides for their students and offer them psychological and emotional support in addition to academic guidance.

As educators of Integrity, they respect their students and colleagues, and are always fair and equal in their interactions. They are punctual, regular and display high levels of commitment.

Collaboration is a must for an educator at Nirmal Bhartia. Like the geese of our logo, they are always team players and look forward to discussing, sharing and learning with and from their colleagues. They are open to peer feedback, share responsibility and are ever willing to step in for a colleague in need.

A NiBS educator is ever inspired to strive towards the highest standards of Excellence. They possess deep content knowledge, are creative and courageous and leave no stone unturned in helping every child to be the very best that he can be. Avid life-long learners, they enthusiastically participate in self-development programmes and make a concerted effort to keep learning and growing.

The Pragati Centre conducts the following initiatives to help each NiBS educator keep his or her promise.