An appreciation
of individual differences & diversity

At the Nirmal Bhartia School, we recognise that each child is unique and different and learns in his or her own way. Factors such as prior knowledge, readiness to learn, a child’s particular interests and passions and learning profile usually contribute to the different ways in which he/she learns.

The Multiple Intelligences Theory elucidated by Professor Howard Gardner of Harvard University gives us a powerful insight into the learning profile of a child. It explains that in addition to the traditionally emphasised linguistic and logico-mathematical intelligences, there are many alternative intelligences that children employ in their learning, for example, the kinaesthetic, musical, visual-spatial, naturalistic, interpersonal or intra-personal.

Our teachers use Differentiated Instruction methods and strategies such as choice boards, centers, stations and differentiated worksheets to both incorporate and go beyond Multiple Intelligence insights with an intent to help each child become more aware of his/her leanings, preferences for learning and areas of strength. Diversity of thoughts and opinions, ideas and expressions and ways of learning are always valued in our classrooms.