‘Learning to Learn’ is a unique, interactive programme that is conducted for our parent community each year to help them to understand how our curriculum is transacted, the teaching-learning styles we follow and the ways in which we attempt to make learning fun, engaging, relevant and interactive for our children. By making thinking ‘visible’ the initiative helps in fostering a shared understanding  between parents, students and teachers.

This year, our focus was on Reviews and Assessments. As part of the ‘Learning to Learn’ sessions, parents were introduced  to the new processes needed for  online assessments and the methods by which we were attempting to use the same to bridge any gaps in understanding.

At the Senior School level, our purpose was to share the format of online assessments, question paper patterns, the skill sets required for different subjects and the different modes of assessment that would be used, like, quizzes, viva, project work and presentations.

At the Junior School level, the sessions focussed on the importance of class observations and authentic assessments as part of the online review process.