At NiBS helping our students make well informed choices about their future careers is paramount to the School’s ethos. Starting with a progressive curriculum that builds connections early in their lives with the outside world, creating and designing innovative solutions for real world problems, connecting with thought leaders from across the world and then immersing in the state of the art of business and industries with internships, the School’s pioneering approach nurtures our students for the knowledge age and beyond. The School was host to the prestigious ‘Indo Global UniFest’, a unique career fair organised by DwarkaCity, on 13th July 2023. A large number of colleges and universities from around the world participated in this fair, which was attended by our students and parents, giving them a rich overview of the opportunities, and insights into getting the most from the vast stream of choices. Trinity College, Dublin, University of Technology, Sydney, Academy of Pastry and Culinary Arts and Ashoka University were among the universities that participated in the fair. We eagerly look forward to more informed choices!