NiBS Tops the Charts at Education World School Rankings Once Again!

The Annual Ranking of Schools by ‘Education World- C Fore’ Survey of Schools is just released, and our school is yet again at the top of the charts! NiBS, consistently ranked among the top 5 schools in Delhi and among the top 10 schools in India for the last several years, has this time been ranked at the 3rd, 5th, and 8th positions respectively in the Delhi, Delhi-NCR, and All-India regions. Additionally, we have also been ranked the ‘number one’ school in the category of ‘Individual Attention’, ‘number 2’ in the category of ‘Curriculum and Pedagogy’, ‘number 3’ in the category of ‘Mental and Emotional Wellbeing’ and one amongst the top 4 in ‘leadership and management quality’. The school also attained a rank of 4 for ‘value for money’ and ‘community service’, 6 for ‘co-curricular education and internationalism’, 7 for ‘special needs’ and ‘parental involvement’ and 9 for ‘Teacher Welfare and Development’. The rankings were declared after a survey of 4000 of the Best Schools in the country.

The icing on the cake is that we also won the No.1 rank in the top 10 Jury Award for ‘High Happiness Quotient Schools’. We congratulate the students, teachers, and the entire NiBS community on this momentous achievement!