In keeping with our belief that every child is unique, we at NiBS constantly endeavour to discover new ways of joyful learning that nurture this uniqueness. An integral part of the school calendar, the Writing Project – ‘Get Authorised’- provides students with an opportunity to explore a variety of writing genres. The objective of the project is to foster curiosity, creativity,  the imagination and develop the skills of ideation and expression while encouraging students to enjoy the process of writing.

As part of the project, specific genres were chosen for each distinct grade level. Students worked at developing a deeper understanding of the chosen genre by creating illustrated picture books, writing diary entries and fairy tales, producing an anthology of poems and stories and even authoring their own novellas and speeches.

Eminent personalities such as Ms. Rachna Chhabria, a Bengaluru based children’s author, Ms. Meghna Deka, senior news editor with Times Now and Dr. Mohineet Kaur Boparai, a poet based in Canada were invited as guest speakers to address the students, share personal stories of growth and excellence and encourage the students’ creativity.