Udaan, the graduation ceremony of class of 2024, took place on 2nd February, 2024, amidst a bittersweet mosaic of pride, gratitude, and nostalgia. A symphony of pride and joy echoed through the Anjali Courtyard as students, expressed their deep gratitude to the teachers who had tirelessly sculpted their minds for a future filled with promise. The transformative years spent in the alma mater, a crucible of passions, learning, sharing, and caring, which shaped a profound sense of being and a transcendent feeling of purpose, were coming to an end, and it was difficult for many to control their emotions. Heartfelt congratulations are extended to the accomplished class of 2024 for their remarkable achievements. As they embark on new adventures, we wish them the very best in their future endeavours. Each student has left an indelible mark, contributing to the vibrant tapestry of our school’s legacy.

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