At NiBS, play is at the core of our teaching- learning methodology. Through ‘Play’ children engage, explore, experiment and experience; they learn to blend the known with the new and thereby turn opportunity into possibility. Play encourages a ‘Try-It-Out’, DIY kind of attitude that children would need to succeed in whatever they may choose to do. As part of our annual Shiksha theme ‘Building Blocks for a new imagiNATION- Why Play Matters’, the children explored different aspects of play through the year. While the Junior school children ‘toyed’ with traditional games, puppets and doll houses, the Senior children ‘tinkered’ around with magnetic and mechanical toys, puzzles and mazes. They designed and ‘manufactured’ toys in their very own ‘Toy Factory’ which they will soon be sharing with their friends in the community. The toys were put on an exhibition where children shared their experience to mesmerized parents during the culmination event ‘Our World of a New imagiNATION’ held on 26th and 27th December 2023 at the School premises.