The Reading Project, ‘Get Booked’, is a unique initiative by the Language Department to introduce children to the world of books and encourage a life-long love for reading.

Every year, two weeks are dedicated to the programme and students are encouraged to explore various genres of literature ranging from fairy tales to one-act plays, autobiographies to poetry, and science fiction to mystery. Teachers use a variety of learning aids such as anchor charts and audio-visual clips through the fortnight and invite guest speakers to interact with the students. The project ends with students presenting their learning to an audience by engaging in mock-trials, role-plays, poetry – recitation and read aloud sessions.

As a part of the culmination this year, ‘Booked by the NiB’, a webinar was organised on Saturday, 23 May 2020 to bring together, four esteemed artists – Ms. Anurupa Roy – Director of the puppet theatre group, Katkatha; Ms.Roopa Pai – an award winning, accomplished children’s author; Mr. Kaustubh Srikanth – co-author of the book ‘Birds in your Backyard and Beyond’ and a Wildlife Biologist and Senior Programme Officer at the World Wide Fund for Nature, India; and finally, Mr. Arvind Gaur – an eminent Indian Theatre Director, heading the theatre group, ‘Asmita’. All experts in their fields, the guests added a new perspective by sharing anecdotes of their journey of passion from the stirring of an interest to the pursuit of excellence. They encouraged students to delve deep into the world of books and experience the wonder and magic of the imagination!