Social Science Society

Independent Projects extend an opportunity to the children to independently research a topic of their choice based on the Subject Society that they have chosen. These projects are aimed at enhancing the skills of conducting research, data collection and interpretation. Dhriti Luthra of class VII chose to find patterns in Mughal cuisine from its entry into India to the present day and tried to understand the adaptations in the changing social- cultural aspects of the Indian subcontinent. She also tried her hand at making veg biryani using some of the most typical spices used in the cuisine. Shreya of class VIII presented a fascinating project on different styles of parenting, while other included:• understanding the pattern of migratory birds,• traditional textiles of Assam, and• the role of Parliament in making laws.

Each student project was unique, not just in terms of the topic, but also the manner in which they conducted their research and the different styles of presentation.

Students research independently on a topic of their choice

Students finding and showcasing patterns in the Mughal cuisine

Parents keenly observing the students’ work

Students presenting their independent projects