Writing Short Stories

Students of class II used the Think-Pair-Share strategy to write short stories. This strategy required students to (1) think individually about a topic and (2) share ideas with a partner. Discussing different aspects with a partner enabled them to focus their attention and improve comprehension and also helped to maximise student engagement.

Divided into pairs, each team read stories and discussed its various elements including the title, beginning, middle and the end. They also discussed the characters, their key characteristics, the setting and the magical element in fairy tales.

Thereafter, the students used an organiser to plan their story elements and decide an interesting hook for their stories. Each team shared their stories with each other and then based on the feedback given by their peers and teachers, wrote their final stories. It was an activity filled with insightful learning and lots of fun!

A time for silent reading and reflection

Pairing with peers to discuss story elements

Sharing ideas and suggestions to the class