About the project

A project on public art to spread awareness about how public art can make a powerful statement for our community, foster community pride and a sense of belonging, at the same time enhance the quality of life for its residents and visitors.

Driving Question

How do you think we can spread awareness to masses, bring a difference to someone’s life and at the same time add a little bit of colour to their lives as well?


The driving question led to the discussion on what is public art and how it impacts the society. The responses of the students helped them in understanding the importance of public art and the power to bring a change that it holds.

Art interpretation exercises in class gave the students a chance to share their perspectives on different art pieces and learn to appreciate art as well.

Virtual Tours to the Lodhi Art District in Delhi and the Mahim Art District in Mumbai gave the students an opportunity to witness the beauty of these places sitting at their homes itself. Muralist, Ms. Anpu Varkey who has even worked in the Mahim Art District had an interactive session with the students and shared about different projects that she has worked on and her experiences on the same with them. The students were fascinated to see the journey of Padam Bhushan, Bhajju Shyam from a small village in Madhya Pradesh to collaborating with an urban artist in Singapore for the Project Little India.

Videos and documentaries has always made the teaching learning process inspiring and interesting. The documentary on ‘Rainbow Grandpa’ and how he saved his entire village from getting demolished empowered the students to believe that they too could make a difference through their art and reach out to the community.

The students brainstormed and conducted surveys to finalise the theme for the mural, made class presentations and designed for their mural using the grid method, keeping in mind the technical aspects shared by the Art teacher.

To document the entire project journey, the students of class VI created a site that included the process, pictures, videos and interactive games created by them for website. The children worked in groups to put together the website where some were content writers, editors, game developers, illustrators and vloggers. Each group contributed required content which was later put together on the website.

Project Culmination

The website created by the students of class VI was unveiled on the culmination day. The students shared their entire journey and their learnings with their parents which was followed by our atithi, a muralist, Ms. Sneha Chakraborty from Lets Bee Canvas addressing, interacting and sharing her experience about working on murals and public art.

Teacher Reflection

The idea of bring about a change filled us all with excitement right in the beginning of the project itself. It was a challenging and enriching experience for me. Each day we would rediscover our own potential and believe more in the power of community.

It was heartening to see the effort put in by the children in completing the assigned tasks, meeting the timelines both individually and in groups. I am extremely proud of the website put together by the students as each section is thoughtfully designed and collated and displays their in depth understanding.

End Product : https://sites.google.com/view/sewa-2021-22/sewa