Neevanjali‘ Awards at NiBS is an occasion to celebrate the founding values of the School- VOICE. The awards recognise exemplary performers who have demonstrated Ownership, Integrity, Collaboration and Excellence in their field of work and thus helped each one of us transform the educational experience we cocreate at the School. The Neevanjali Awards included ‘Creativity in Teaching’, ‘Exploring New Horizons’ and ‘Going the Extra Mile’ awards which celebrated excellence and ownership, ‘Together We Can’ award for collaboration, integrity and excellence and ‘Long Service’ and ‘Always Present’ awards which celebrated ownership, integrity, collaboration and excellent work ethic. The awardees were delighted with the recognition of their efforts and shared that their achievements could not have been made without the wholehearted support and engagement of the team members. Congratulations to the awardees and the entire NiBS family for the fabulous work!