About the project

Have you ever visited a park and been able to identify all the plant species? What would you do to know about the different plants that grow there? How would you identify them?

Our students of middle school have created an inventory that includes the names and details of all the plant species of our neighbourhood park, the Vande Matram Park in Sector 14, Dwarka. They have researched and collated all  information in a website that can even be accessed using a QR code.

Website Link: https://sites.google.com/view/sewa-2023/down-to-earth-grounding-matters

Driving Question

How are natural communities structured?


We began by learning about what is biodiversity, types of biodiversity, its importance, threats and way to conserve it. The students realised the importance of the rich biodiversity in nature and the need to work towards its conservation.

During a nature walk with environment enthusiast, Mr. Ashish Kumar, the children enthusiastically identified the various plant species in the Vande Matram Park, in sector 14 Dwarka. They referred to various books, encyclopaedias and also used apps like iNaturalist to investigate more about the identified species.

Sessions on informational writing helped them to understand how to collate and pen down their research work. They compared the list of species they identified in the Vande Matram Park with the plant species they had identified on an outstation trip to Jim Corbett National Park earlier as part of the Disha programme.

All the information collated by the students was put together in the form of a website, accordions and flashcards that they worked upon through the year.

Project Culmination

We invited the residents of the neighbouring societies to be a part of our culmination event. We are happy and proud to share that a QR code display has been put up in the park and all the information regarding the plant species on the website can be accessed through this QR code.

The students also presented their journey in the form of an English street play (‘Nukkad Natak’) and a self-composed song. They displayed their models, accordions and flashcards as well at the park.

Teacher Reflection

It was an enriching and satisfying experience for the students and for me too. The students were involved right from the beginning in researching information, making visits to the park with their families and friends for investigation, collaborating in groups and seeking permission from the authorities to put up the board. The children profoundly believe in the wisdom of conserving our rich biodiversity for our own sake and for the sake of future generations.