‘Art is not always about pretty things. It’s about who we are, what happened to us, and how our lives are affected.’ – Elizabeth Broun

For an artist, finding a muse is an ‘Aha moment’. This year, the pandemic provided us with our muse – the Home.

Isn’t art meant to depict life around us? In 2020, we saw, explored, recollected things around us in our homes. It was a process of revelation. Since we worked at and from home, makeshift studios and art galleries came up in different parts of our houses. We used art material available at home and recycled a range of waste material for our creative expression. Several corners of the house were cleaned up to station our art pieces.

The themes and techniques we explored were carefully designed by our teachers so that we can learn, grow and express ourselves even when we are far apart from
each other. Museums and galleries were shut but we travelled far and wide online and explored artists, their work and lives from different parts of the world. Our screen became the space to innovate. Gradually, the process became intense.

The exhibition presented here is not a culmination of what has happened so far. It is better described as a work in progress. Each day is a new challenge and we are building our boat as we are rowing it. As new layers are being deciphered, its form, colour and rhythm will transform. So will our HOMES and HeARTs with every little corner becoming brighter and more meaningful.

The young artists of NiBS