Heartiest Congratulations to our Class XII students for their stellar performance in the Board Examination!! 

‘We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.’ – Aristotle

Proud to announce our CBSE Class XII results, where our students are once again winning laurels with their stupendous performance! These results go a long way in affirming our belief in the ability of holistic education (our ‘Aham-Sah way’) to create academic excellence in harmony with all round development. Here is a snippet of our results:

School Average  Best of 5  Best of 4 
87%  89% 


Highest Average:- 

Stream  Name of the Student  Best of 5  Best of 4 
Humanities Lubna Bhatli 96.8 97.5
Science Adarsh Gopalakrishnan 94.8 96.2
Commerce Sargam Sharma 92.2 94.7


As we strive to create a truly holistic and experiential learning environment, imbued with the very diversity, richness and authenticity of life itself, our assessment methods reflect the same diversity and authenticity. Board results add to this diversity and authenticity and enable us to test our methods with respect to external evaluations. We are glad that our students come out with flying colours every time!!

Our whole-hearted thanks to the students, parents and teachers for this wonderful feat! Best wishes to our students in their future journey!!