The SEWA (Social and Environmental Wellness and Action) Theme

A commitment to SEWA or Social and Environmental Wellness and Action is an integral and all pervasive spirit that permeates every grain of our culture and learning at NiBS. Every year, a new SEWA commitment is launched and introduced to the students. Students across the school pledge themselves to the new commitment and intensively work on projects and activities related to it for the duration of an entire year. Some of the SEWA themes we’ve worked upon in the past include a partnership with Digantar – an alternative school for rural children, A Breath of Fresh Air responding to Delhi’s air pollution crisis and K’no’w your Plastic – a theme that looks at sustainable alternatives to plastic.

Once again, as in the case of the Shiksha theme, since a project is taken up for an extended period of time, it enables deep enquiry and exploration, allows students to experience a genuine sense of achievement from having seen a project through to completion, and equally, allows a learning from failure. Most importantly students learn that little change or impact is possible unless the initial zeal and the excitement of good intentions is translated into a commitment of long term dedication and perseverance.