The Disha Programme

Disha is an outbound learning programme that encourages children to travel, wander and seek in all directions till they find an inner direction and purpose of their own.

As part of the programme, all children starting from class III are taken for an annual out-station trip to a site in the vicinity of the capital. Accompanied by teachers and friends, and travelling for the first time without their parents, the trip offers many an opportunity for them to learn the vital life-skills of learning how to pack, being responsible for one’s own belongings, looking out for each other and time-management. Outdoor adventure activities and team-building games organised on such trips further give them the opportunity to acquire leadership skills and practice collaboration. Community service activities, on the other hand, allow an expression of humility and gratitude. As children build roads and sports courts, paint walls and make classroom props for the communities that host them, they also make new friends, build banks of treasured memories and discover purpose and passion.