Life-Skill Advisories(LSA)

The Life-Skill Advisory is a small group advisory programme for Senior students. As part of the programme, small groups of students paired with a mentor teacher and meet together for an hour every week. The aim of these sessions is to help provide personalized support and guidance to each of the mentee students as they attempt to take greater responsibility and ownership of their own learning and progress. While some sessions are devoted to setting independent goals of excellence and reviewing progress, others are spent practicing and perfecting key personal, interpersonal and career-related life-skills that in turn enable the pursuit of excellence.

Encouraging the spiraled acquisition of life-skills, the Advisory curriculum for ninth grade students focuses on swayog or the development of personal skills such as self-awareness, planning and perseverance. Tenth grade students are encouraged to practice the values and skills of sahyog such as interpersonal decision-making and community service, while Anubhav or experience is the primary objective for eleventh graders as they industriously work over the summer to complete structured internships and attempt to acquire ‘real world’ skills such as accountability and a sound work ethic. In the twelfth grade, Lakshya serves as an appropriate guiding theme helping students surmount diverse challenges as they work towards their goals with persistence and grit.