Every morning, our day begins at School with a gathering together of children and teachers in large, small or intimate class groups. We are also frequently joined by parents and grandparents who either stay on after dropping their children or otherwise join us on special occasions and events.

For children in the Elementary, this is always an exciting time full of surprises! The week begins with ‘Monday Magic’ as part of which teachers conduct an interesting experiment or demonstrate an intriguing scientific marvel. Followed by Tall Tales, Nature Connect and Circle time, each morning gathering offers our little Ankurs and Pallavs the chance to let their imaginations soar, smell the earth and ‘meet’ their friends and the world, as they touch, feel, explore and share.

For children in grades I-XII, community sharing and bonding are encouraged in an even wider variety of ways. While the entire school community meets together once a week on Fridays, the Junior and Senior Teams meet twice a week for smaller group Team Assemblies. With innovative performances by children across the school to mark a special occasion or celebration, talks and addresses by visiting thought leaders or by our very own young researchers, a sharing of community news and thrilling applause for each other’s efforts and achievements, assemblies never fail to speak the VOICE of our community.

And since at NiBS, it is an integral part of our culture to respect and hear all voices, once a week our community gathers together in complete silence for a Quiet Assembly. Encouraging us to retreat from the humdrum din of the everyday, the Quiet assembly enables us to experience stillness and silence, allowing us to hear not just from our ears but also from our hearts – our inner voices, the unspoken, unheard voices of the more reticent among us and the sounds of the birds and the wind that fall on our ears but often remain unheard.