Our Class X students continue to set benchmarks for stellar performance! 

Our Board results continue to remain exemplary and this time our Class X batch has lived up to the track record! Here is a snippet of the results:

School Average: 82% 

Highest Average:


Name of the Student 
Radhika Chopra 97.4
Shivansh Rana 97.0
Vanshika Gupta 96.8
Chirantan Toley 95.8
Ayesha Fatma Rizvi 95.8

Subject Highs:

Subject  Marks  Name of the Student 
Science 100 Radhika Chopra, Shivansh Rana & Chirantan Toley
Mathematics 99 Ayesha Fatma Rizvi , Shloka Aggarwal & Manit Girdhar
English 99 Manit Girdhar, Aarav Sharma & Ayesha Fatma Rizvi
Social Science 99 Charvi Palta & Vanshika Gupta
Hindi 97  Radhika Chopra,Vanshika Gupta & Viha Paul

These results once again reinforce our unflinching faith in the ability of our ‘Aham-Sah way’ to consistently and reliably create academic excellence together with holistic development.

Our whole-hearted thanks to the students, parents and teachers for this truly remarkable feat!