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At NiBS we believe that teachers are not just domain experts and masters of pedagogy, they are also unique individuals – passionate powerhouses of known and unknown talents pursuing varied and diverse interests and hobbies. Pursue your Passion and Exploring New Horizons are both initiatives that help us foster an ever-inspired, motivated and energised life-long learning culture by offering each member a welcoming platform to discover, develop and share their YOUnique talents, interests and hobbies.

Sharing lies at the heart of Pursue Your Passion, and team members are encouraged to choose a personal passion, one that perhaps their colleagues are unlikely to know about and share their love for it with them. They are also encouraged to champion the same by leading learning in the area of their passion or designing a new school initiative related to it. For example, a staff member with a passion for music may choose to select and record some soothing music that could be played during circle time or assembly. A love for stargazing could be the beginning of an astronomy club!

Exploring New Horizons on the other hand is an initiative designed to encourage staff members to discover and develop new passions and interests in the areas of culture, arts, politics, spirituality, science, current affairs…..life! As part of the initiative, the entire team comes together to participate in photography and cooking workshops, go on heritage walks, visit art museums, watch award-winning performances and more. Animated discussions and sharing follow these sessions as we debate ideas and ways to bring back our learning to our students.