While the annual appraisal system ensures development, growth and other rewards for teachers, our ‘Pragati Awards’ seek to recognise, celebrate and honour our team’s quest for excellence.

While individual teachers are selected for the Awards, in the aham-sah way we recognise and acknowledge that in addition to individual initiative and effort, it is the support and encouragement of the entire team that has enabled the selected member to do his or her best.

The Pragati Awards then are a special occasion for the entire community to come together and applaud the success of our collective VOICE, delight in the achievement of our selected members, and commit ourselves once again to striving for even greater horizons. For the award-winners, it is an occasion to express gratitude to each team member and thank them for their role, presence and support.

In addition to the ‘Long Service’ and ‘Always Present’ Awards which honour the values of loyalty, integrity and a sound work ethic, team members are selected for showing exemplary ‘Creativity in Teaching’, going the ‘Extra Mile’ beyond the call of duty, demonstrating the ‘Together We Can’ spirit by collaborating and working together as an exemplary team and showing initiative by exploring ‘New Horizons’ for teaching and learning.